Cooking With CRASH!

  • July 25, 2017

Yesterday, the cover photo of Christian on Arkansas Times showed up on my timeline. The article featured an amazing family and their life with autism. A year ago, Christian had many obstacles in life. Today, he still faces challenges because of ASD, but is doing so well in many ways. With his family as his best encouragers, especially his older sister, Christian has been able to conquer things that were unthinkable for him this time last year. Being able to tolerate the smell, taste, proximity, and even the thought of trying foods was one obstacle.


What was once a diet of 5-6 crunchy carbohydrates and smoothies, has now transformed into a colorful palette of foods (though still limited) from some meats and vegetables. "Crash" enjoys cooking and was interested in video taping our cooking sessions so that others could learn recipes. Enjoy one of several videos we hope to make possible in "Cooking with Crash".


Cooking With "Crash" is one of several videos hoped to be published to help children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and other children with sensory based feeding disorders. Christian "Crash" has overcome many obstacles. Having a very limited diet has been one obstacle. But through learning how to explore foods through cooking and grocery shopping, he has begun to tolerate the touch, smell, taste and even the presence of foods that at one time in his recent past was not possible due to severe sensory processing dysfunction.


Suzanne L. Fullerton OTR/L, MAT, Co-Founder and COO



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