Physical Therapy

  • January 18, 2017



ACT Philosophy of Therapy and Education

ACT therapists provide a holistic approach for students and their families addressing behavioral, therapeutic and academic, needs for the home, community, and at school.  Our holistic approach includes six domains of health and wellness:  social, emotional, environmental, intellectual, physical and spiritual.

Each therapist is cross-trained to address possible behavioral issues that can affect the child’s ability to integrate successfully with family and peers in everyday life circumstances.

Each therapist is cross-trained to address applied academics so that the child not only learns the academic concepts, but also is able to practice the skills in the community and/or through hands-on classroom experiences.

Each therapist is crossed-trained to integrate or address the child’s specific therapeutic needs so that he/she has the opportunity to practice the skills in a variety of settings throughout their daily routines.




Physical Therapy

Physical therapists work with a variety of diagnoses and people across the lifespan. Physical therapy focuses on treating physical dysfunction through therapeutic, play, and functional activities. For children the focus of treatment may include working on balance, endurance, ambulation, range of motion, and strengthening.  The goal of physical therapy is to help the child successfully engage in typical play, school, community, and home activities by increasing the child’s ability to coordinate gross motor movements.






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