Suzanne Fullerton, Co-Founder, COO

  • January 14, 2017

Suzanne Fullerton, COO and co-founder of All Children’s Therapy, is an Arkansas native and has worked in the central Arkansas area assisting students with disabilities and their families for the past 15 years.  Suzanne has worked in both public and private school settings as well as in clinical settings, her heart always being drawn to ministering to children and their families in her role as OT.  In addition to years of experience working with young children, she has extensive experience in teaching and leading teenagers in the traditional classroom setting as well as in vocational training and life skills acquisition. She has created programs designed to help build appropriate social interaction by leading community outings and sponsoring school clubs and extra-curricular activities.  Always most interested in discovering what makes each student unique in his or her struggles and areas of gifting, she uses her extensive knowledge of OT practices and procedures in conjunction with the Scriptural principles articulated in Psalm 139 giving thanks to God for each child who is “fearfully and wonderfully made,” and intimately known by God, our Creator.


Suzanne is currently one of only a handful of people in the state with a specialty in Sensory Integration including certification to administer the SIPT to determine sensory needs.  As such, she has led workshops statewide teaching parents, teachers, and other therapists.  Suzanne continues her affiliation with UCA as guest teacher to current OT students.   Suzanne views family counseling as a vital but often overlooked component to helping students with disabilities reach their full potential.  One of her career goals is to help families live an integrated, healthy life with their special needs child. 


In her free time Suzanne enjoys volunteering for Choosing to Excel, where she currently serves as Board President.  She also enjoys using her musical training, Spanish skills, interest in the culinary arts and visual arts whenever possible to enrich the curriculum and therapy experiences for the students she serves.

       Suzanne's Speaking Engagements

  • Presenter: Normal Development of a Child, Birth to Five Years. Daycare facilities in the Delta Counties of Arkansas, 2000.

  • Presenter: Sensory Integration in the Classroom. Arkansas Counselor's Conference, Hot Springs Arkansas 2003.

  • Presenter: Incorporating Sensory Integration and Vision into the Classroom. Workshop for staff in the public school setting, Greenbriar Arkansas 2004.

  • Presenter: Introducing Sensory Integration into Your Classroom. Staff training Vilonia Primary School 2006.

  • Presenter: Feeding and Sensory Integration. Staff training Access Schools, Little Rock Arkansas 2009

  • Presenter: Sensory Integration for School-Aged Children. Access Schools, Little Rock Arkansas 2009.

  • Presenter: Synchronizing the Classroom for Focusing, Organizing and Learning. Professional development training, Little Rock Christian Academy 2011.

  • Presenter: Sensory Based Feeding Disorders, ARKSHA State Meeting 2011 Annual Conference.

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