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Cindy A. Young

"Serving the Little Rock Community for 34 years" 

I am a Speech-Language Pathologist and hold a Masters degree in Science of Education. With 36 years of experience in the field of expressive speech (speaking), receptive language (understanding), articulation and oral motor feeding disorders. I have created curriculum and multi-sensory language materials that teach foundational language skills necessary for a child to progress in language, literacy, academics and life.

I am a Certified Dyslexia Specialist with 28 years of experience with phonological processing, dyslexia, (reading) dysgraphia (writing), encoding (spelling), written expression and listening/reading comprehension. I also have 11 years with disorders of executive function. I am a highly trained professional who delivers services customized to the needs of each individual student.

  • I began my professional career in a birth to three program serving families in their homes where I learned the value of educating and working as a team with families. 

  • As a staff therapist at Easter Seals of AR for six years I gained valuable evaluation and treatment skills and became Neuro-Developmental Treatment (NDT) certified.  This is where I started writing curriculum and co-authored a book Tools for Literacy and Communication.

  • Co-founded Advanced Children's Therapy in 1994, which later folded into ACCESS. 

  • Co-founded ACCESS in 1995 where I grew into an entrepreneur, progressed as a speech-language pathologist, teacher, author, and trainer.

  • Co-founded All Children's Therapy in 2010, a private therapy clinic in Little Rock, where I became a Certified Dyslexic Therapist.

  • Co-founded All Children's Academy in 2011, a private school for students with specific learning disabilities (Dyslexia, Written Expression, Comprehension, etc...) and where I co-created Therapeutically Enhanced Education® (TEE). 

  • Co-founded All Children's Academy, Hot Springs in 2020, a private school  solution during Covid for students K-4th.  I served as  an Administrator, Teacher, Speech-Language Therapist, Certified Dyslexia Therapist, and provider of TEE®. 


I offer evidence based instruction with fidelity. I have many years of experience, training, certifications, and a deep commitment and passion for children to flourish and reach their full potential as I equip their families as well.

Cindy A. Young, MSE, CCC-SLP, CDT
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