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In addition to Therapeutically Enhanced Education® (TEE) we use a variety of evidence based programs.

The DuBard Association Method®

The DuBard Association Method® is a structured, phonetic, scientifically based, multisensory teaching-learning strategy that is Orton-Gillingham based in content and principles of instruction. This structured literacy approach conforms to the International Dyslexia Association's Knowledge and Practice Standards.

IMSE Orton-Gillingham

Based on the latest research in the Science of Reading, IMSE incorporates the Orton-Gillingham methodology and all five pillars of literacy:  phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.

Lindamood Bell Visualize and Verbalize®

The Visualizing and Verbalizing® for Reading Comprehension and Thinking program explicitly develops concept imagery by teaching children to visualize while reading and also verbalize their images which helps students strengthen their concept imagery.

Written Expression

I was trained in Writing Matters by William Van Cleave. This training plus additional continuing education and personal research, has enabled me to target written expression and writing.

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