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I offer the "benefits of experience and knowledge" by developing a two day training specifically for therapy clinics and schools that will allow them to understand, establish, and offer a comprehensive literacy language curriculum modeled from Therapeutically Enhanced Education®.   I am able to offer one topic or a combination of any of the below topics for comprehensive training for professional, parents, and community.     

  1. Literacy Begins At Birth

  2. Engineering the Environment for Success

  3. Language is the Key to Academics

  4. Stages of Reading Development

  5. Specific Learning Disabilities:  Dyslexia, Written Expression, Reading Comprehension, Dysgraphia

  6. Executive Functioning

  7. Modulation and Behavior Management – ACT Right®

  8. Therapeutically Enhanced Education®

Training Fee:

  • Travel expenses:  gas, food, and lodging if required

  • Half Day: $600.00

  • Full Day:  $1,200.00

  • Cost of materials 

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