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Therapeutically Enhanced Education®

ACT has a registered trademarked curriculum and program, Therapeutically Enhanced Education® (TEE) that holistically addresses the child's six domains of health and wellness in the home, school, and community.  The model blends therapeutic treatment strategies from speech, occupational, and physical therapies as well as educational pedagogies to incorporate hands-on curriculum for individual learning.  The model uses explicit, incremental teaching methods, therapy techniques, tools and strategies that help the student organize and self-regulate in an engineered environment for successful learning. 

The six domains targeted:

  • Intellectual: Cognition, Executive Functioning, Knowledge

  • Social: Family and Friend Interaction, Communication

  • Emotional: Self-Confidence, Self-Regulation

  • Environmental: Safe, Clean, Organized 

  • Physical: Movement, Fitness, Nutrition

Multisensory methods are used so students learn through VKAT, the Visual, Kinesthetic, Auditory, and Tactile systems.  When a student sees a thing, hears a thing, says a thing, as they do a thing, they learn a thing!

By creating an atmosphere where the physical environment is clean and organized the students are better able to modulate and self-regulate emotions so they can learn.  This is a hallmark of the Therapeutically Enhanced Education®.


Therapeutically Enhanced Education®
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